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Song: Eet
Artist: Regina Spektor
Album: Far

Eet | Regina Spektor

It’s like forgetting the words to your favorite song
You can’t believe it, you were always singing along
It was so easy, and the words so sweet
You can’t remember, you try to feel the beat

/follows Mizar on this account.

/laughs for maybe five years.



Kyle: “You don’t think it’s strange I sleep in a tub?”

Jessi: “Is it?”

it isn’t here 

"Oh okay. You're doing a good job from what I can tell." Jade nodded. "Personally, I'd switch into dry clothes, though. Pretty sure you could get sick if you stay in wet clothes for too long. And now that the weather's nice, that'd suck. Spring cleaning's different from regular cleaning in that you're welcoming the season by making sure everything's in top shape." She explained. "New season, new start."

The cherub bristled a little, glancing down at his wet clothes. “I would probably just get those wet as well,” he laughed and nodded. Knowing himself, he would definitely get those wet. Then again, Rae wouldn’t be very happy if he got himself sick and then he wouldn’t be able to come to work. “I would very much not like to be sick.” Frowning a little, he put his internal debate aside and decided to try and get the job done quickly. “Oh! I think I understand. That is a very nice idea.” 

Though she wasn't sure what she expected to see first upon entering the store, Jade was certain she hadn't expected to see a cherub standing in front of the display windows, completely soaked to the bone. Removing her headphones, the shifter tried her best to not look judgmental as she offered a small polite smile at Zack. "Hi. Uh, you okay there?"

Blinking, the cherub turned to view the approaching women with a widening gaze. “Oh, yes,” he chirped, shivering only slightly. He supposed it had gotten a little chilly with the added layer of wetness, but he did not mind it so much. “I’m helping with the Spring cleaning.” Gesturing toward the still soapy windows, Zack beamed happily. “Though I’m not sure what makes it different from regular cleaning, Edan seemed really adamant about it.” 

With an ice cream cone in hand and music blasting out of her brand new headphones (thank you, Izzy), Jade walked down the street towards Edan's shop. She hadn't visited in a while, and she was eager to see what kinds of creations both the shop owner and Moineau had come up with for spring. She also thought it would be nice to stop by and say hello, in any case.

Humming happily, the cherub had set himself to work on cleaning the display windows; it was Spring cleaning time after all, not that he knew exactly what that was, but Edan had been adamant about it. Zachariel was happy to volunteer his services in anyway and he was sure the designers could breath a sigh of relief to have him out of the disaster zone while the spring fashion designs were coming together. Though the job didn’t seem too difficult, Zack had managed to pour a good amount of the soapy water about himself and had been pretty well soaked through within the first five minutes of the task.

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